May 30, 2017

Our Story


At The Metro Path, we provide a variety of career development services for people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Our services focus on enhancing your skill for proper application in today’s workforce. Through our Fast Track to Employment program, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get an interview. We can send you on an interview 3-5 days after you register.

Don't wait to go on an interview


We’re here to give you the edge in landing the best job. We know what prospective employers want to see and hear. We created a proven program to assist:

  1. The high school graduate and non-graduate looking for their first job.
  2. The college student looking to maintain employment the relates to their education.
  3. The college graduate looking to gain employment and make that occupation a career.
  4. The general laborer that has been unsuccessful in being hired.

We are here to help anyone that wants to obtain employment, has been turned down for a job or have been put off by the job search process.


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