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Apps to Make Job Searching Easier

Apps to Make Job Searching Easier

Being unemployed for a year while working on my “side hustle” meant I needed something to help me stay organized. Fortunately, we have these wonderful devices that let us store all kinds of information. They make it so much easier to stay organized. Here are some apps that’ll make your job hunt simpler:


Cloud Storage

You’re networking with someone and they ask for your resume. You can have a copy on you all the time or your could save it in the cloud and access it anytime. Dropbox is free up to a certain amount of space. If you have the latest version of Microsoft Office, you have One Drive. There’s also Google Drive.


Let’s say you’re going to a Career Fair. A day or two before the event, you take some notes about the companies you wan to talk to. Jot down those notes in Evernote so you have them on your device. This way, you won’t be caring around too many papers. I also keep my elevator pitch in Evernote.

Evernote also has a web clipper. It lets you save useful articles you found online. On the app, you can save an article with a list of potential interview questions.

Microsoft Excel

You get a call from someone wanting to talk to you about a job you applied for. On average, you could apply for maybe five jobs a week. You’re not going to remember all of them. You need a way to access job information quickly. Keep a record of every job you applied for. I used Excel because it lets you create links by right clicking the space. Create a link to your resume, cover letter and a pdf version of the job announcement so you can easily access them if you’re called by an employer.

If you don’t have Excel, you can use Google Sheets.


LinkedIn is networking for people who are bad at networking.  For an introvert like me, I’m better with writing than talking. If you have a nice profile, LinkedIn can do part of the work for you. Networking can mean sharing a useful article to a group. LinkedIn makes it easier to find, apply and network your way into a job.

Google Maps

You have an interview. Save that address in Google Maps. The app won’t just give you directions, it’ll tell you if there’s anything wrong with the train or bus. Once you get off public transportation, you can have the app give you voice directions on getting to the office.

Do you have any apps you want to add? Comment below. 


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