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Back to School: What You Can and Can’t Bring to Your Dorm

Back to School: What You Can and Can’t Bring to Your Dorm

What you can and can't bring to college

It’s was the first day of college and I had this awesome chair. I couldn’t wait to put it in my dorm. It would make my room feel like home. I was moving my stuff in when the RA told me the chair isn’t allowed in. Heartbreaking. Now, whenever I look at the Back to School section at places like Target or Walmart, I just shake my head. Most of those things won’t be allowed in your dorm. Unless you smuggle it in. My school didn’t allow toasters but we had one. We just put it away whenever an RA inspected our room. Probably shouldn’t mention that.

Before you buy everything in the back to school section, find out what your school does and doesn’t allow in dorms. The school usually has a list on their website.

College Un-Checklist: 10 Things Not to Bring to Campus

A pretty good checklist though I don’t know if I agree about the printer. I’ve been late to class a couple of times because I couldn’t print out my assignment. I guess I could finish my paper earlier but most students aren’t going to do that. If your college allows you to have a printer, bring a small one. It’ll make life easier.

Hey Freshman: 12 Surprising Things You Can and Can’t Bring to College

Most colleges allow you to have a pet fish but are you really going to take care of it? Around mid-term and finals, my dorm room was a mess because studying was the only thing in my head.


You may dream of decorating your dorm room wall with photo and posters. You can but if you damage the wall, you will get billed. In general, it’s a good idea to always keep that in mind. If your roommate damages the dorm, both of you will get fined. Make sure you bring something to hang the posters that won’t mess up the walls.

Dorm Items — What You Can & Can’t Live Without

This article reminded me of something. Before you leave for college, have someone teach you out how to do laundry if you don’t know how. You’ll have to wash your own clothes. Unless you’re rich, then you can just keep buying new stuff. Also, my dorm had a lot of 5 am fire alarms because someone didn’t know how to pop popcorn or they cooked their shoes in the microwave. Please, if you don’t know how to use a microwave, learn.

What to Bring to College: The Best College Packing List EVER

This article gives you a detailed list of what to bring. The list also includes things like side tables and coffee tables. I’m pretty sure you can’t bring those no matter what school you’re going to. Check your school’s website to be sure.

College dorm room

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