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Inspiration and Job Search Tips 9/1/17: Working Moms, Game of Thrones, Handling Job Rejection

Inspiration and Job Search Tips 9/1/17: Working Moms, Game of Thrones, Handling Job Rejection

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Welcome to the weekly roundup of news, tips and inspiration for job seekers.

16 Tips for Building an Online Personal Brand for Growing Your Career

“a personal brand not only tells your story, it sets the stage for growth and will advance you towards your future career success. A personal brand goes beyond the basic resume to deliver a more complete picture of who you are professionally.”

5 Quick Time Management Tips For Working Moms

“As a mom, you like to please everybody the best you can which includes saying yes to every birthday invite your child receives or saying yes to your boss that you can work overtime. But sometimes, you just need to say NO.”

Game of Thrones Empowers Women

“For those of you who are big fans of the show, you might have noticed a little change in the current households. That’s right, they’re stepping it up and this season it was all about the ladies. House Targaryen, House Stark and of course, the Iron Throne has all been taken over by females #GirlPower. Game of Thrones is known for its fighting and sex scenes, but under all that macho bravado, we find that it actually sheds a lot of light in women empowerment. ”

How to Handle a Job Rejection Gracefully

“It’s best to look at your rejection as an opportunity. That’s why online job search expert Susan P. Joyce recommends you write a thank you note to everyone who interviewed you, including the hiring manager, the recruiter, and anyone else involved in the process.”

14 Moves That’ll Make You Happier at a Job You Hate

“Even though every minute you spend at your desk makes you want to scream, there are a few ways you can make the workday a little more bearable if you’re stuck at your job. Here are a few things you can try this week”

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