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Job Search News and Tips 7/7/17

Job Search News and Tips 7/7/17

Welcome to the weekly roundup of news and tips for job seekers.

U.S. Economy Posts Strong Jobs Gains In June, Keeping Fed On Rate Hiking Path As Crisis-Era Fades

“The U.S. economy added 222,000 jobs in June and monthly employment statistics from May and April were revised higher.”

What Are the Benefits of a Diverse Workplace?

“Having a diverse workforce can benefit organisations in several ways from improved morale, knowledge sharing, forming a rounded team and bringing various set of soft skills to the table.”

7 Most Attractive Skills to Add to Your Resume

“Rather than simply listing your daily duties under each job, you should strive to include things you’ve achieved. Employers want people who can generate results and innovate rather than passively do their work…”

The 15 best American cities for young college grads

New York is number 6

5 Top Entrepreneurs’ Best Advice For Staying Ahead In 2017

“Successful People Know When to Say ‘No'” – Richard Branson, Virgin

5 Cover Letter Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Job Search

“If you’re like most professionals, your career path has zigged and zagged a few times. That can be an advantage, if you emphasize how your experience has prepared to you for success in the role”

Do you read anything interesting this week?

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