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Job Search News and Tips 8/11/17: Back to School, Career Advice, Interview Tips

Job Search News and Tips 8/11/17: Back to School, Career Advice, Interview Tips

Job Search New and Tips

Welcome to the weekly roundup of news, tips and inspiration for job seekers.

Top 5 Back to School Stressors and How to Bust Them

“While the start of a new school year comes with excitement for kids, it also comes with stress. It’s common for kids to feel overwhelmed this time of year especially as they navigate the challenges that crop up with a new school year.”

The Best Career Advice Quotations

“There’s no such thing as overnight success. That’s my concern with a show like American Idol. It encourages the false belief that there’s a kind of magic, that you can be ‘discovered.’ That may be the way television works, but it’s not the way the world works. Rising to the top of any field requires an enormous amount of dedication, focus, drive, talent, and 99 factors that they don’t show on television.”

5 Things to Remember When You’re Looking for Jobs Online

“When you’re filling out applications for jobs online, it can be easy to just fill out every form without thinking about it. But consider what information you’re being asked to give. If you’re being hired for a job, asking for personal information to do a background check is normal. If you’re signing up for direct deposit after you’re hired, giving your bank information is normal. If a potential employer is asking for your credit card information, asking for payment to apply, or asking you to buy training materials, a red flag should go up.”

Tips And Tricks For Acing An Interview

“Every job is different, so why should your resume always be the same? When you look at a job listing, it’s easy to see what kind of candidate the organization is looking for. Often, companies will list the type of skills or qualifications required by the job. Be sure to go over your resume and highlight the special skills that make you a great candidate for the position.”

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