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Job Search News and Tips 8/4/17: Back to School, Cover Letter Tips, Social Media

Job Search News and Tips 8/4/17: Back to School, Cover Letter Tips, Social Media

Job Search New and Tips

Welcome to the weekly roundup of news, tips and inspiration for job seekers.

Why Going Back To School Is A Real Option For You

“So many of us, based on life circumstances, have slid our career dreams under the rug because the timing didn’t feel right, or we wanted to have a baby, or we didn’t have enough time or resources, or we lacked clarity on which field we wanted to purse. We secretly want to explore that passion, but maybe we have suppressed those dreams instead of exploring them.”

Ask A Recruiter: Is It Too Late To Change Careers At 33?

“job hunting can be tough, especially when making a career or industry change. I encourage you to build a support network of people you can lean on.”

The 10 highest-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree

“According to the latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are plenty of jobs that pay more than $77,000 and require only a two-year associate degree, postsecondary nondegree certificate, or even just a high-school diploma.”

How To Write a Cover Letter & Resume That’ll Guarantee a Job Offer

“A company is going to hire you either because youre exceptionally qualified for the job, or because youre extremely likable and a good cultural fit.”

How to feel less insecure while applying for new jobs

“Don’t catastrophize every rejection; understand that you’re not going to get every job you go for.  Turn letdowns into ambition instead of inaction. If you find yourself in a real spiral of negativity and anxiety, it won’t hurt to pick up a classic such as ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ which is at its core a manual on positive thinking and genuine relationships.”

Looking for a Job? First, Clean Up Your Social Media Presence.

“According to a survey released by CareerBuilder, an all-time high of 70 percent of potential employers use social media to screen candidates, up from 60 percent last year.”

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