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Personal and Professional Success is a Journey: Enjoy it, Learn, Don’t Compare Your Path To Other’s

Personal and Professional Success is a Journey: Enjoy it, Learn, Don’t Compare Your Path To Other’s

Big Picture Career ad Business Success

“Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. In the end it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Personal and Career Success is a Journey

Sometimes, when we see people with thousands of followers or a successful business we get frustrated with ourselves. The same thing can happen when we’ve been searching for a job for months and we see people killing it in the position we’re after. We think we’re doing something wrong because we aren’t where they are.

Our product is good.

My brand is on point.

I’m marketing the way the experts say.

My resume has been edited within an inch of its life.

I’m way more qualified than they are.

Why isn’t it working?

Why do you assume it’s not working? When you see someone with thousands of followers or a successful business or that great job, don’t assume that just happened overnight. It may have taken them months, maybe even years to get to where they are.

This tweet sums it up nicely.

You see the “end” and forget how they began.

I like to think of success as a puzzle. You have the whole picture in your head and on paper (or on a device).

Career, Small Business Success

You have some of the pieces.

Career success is a journey


They fit together but you’re missing a lot. As you travel your road, you collect each piece. Some fit together. Some look like they should but they just don’t work. You’re moving forward, placing each piece in the right space as you go.

Then, one day, you look at the whole picture. The pieces are mostly together and the picture’s far larger than you realized.

Big Picture Career ad Business Success

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Don’t get annoyed or impatient with the process. You’re growing into your dream. You’re connecting with the right people. Building a solid foundation takes time. Some seemingly small thing you did two years ago could lead to your success today.

If your plans don’t go the way you expect, don’t think of them as total failures. For instance, I’ve exhibited at a lot of conferences. I always hope this conference will be the one where I break out. It never is. But, they aren’t failures. As an introvert, I’m not that social. Helping to manage a booth for several hours gave me a lot of practice in talking with strangers. It’s still not something I’m completely comfortable with but I know I can do it when I need to. That’s an important skill I’ll definitely keep using.

Remember to pay attention to analytics. You may not be getting a lot of retweets but if Twitter is driving a lot of traffic to your blog or website, you must be doing something right. Success is not only measured by what’s on the surface.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”


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