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Productivity MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word Shortcuts: So You Can Work Faster [Infographic]

Keyboard shortcuts are magic. Some programs have so many options. It can take forever just to find one function. Using keyboard shortcuts saves so much time. Interested in working as an Administrative Assistant? Are you a student expecting to write a couple of papers this semester? Here are some MS Word keyboard shortcuts that’ll help…
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What you can and can't bring to college

Back to School: What You Can and Can’t Bring to Your Dorm

It’s was the first day of college and I had this awesome chair. I couldn’t wait to put it in my dorm. It would make my room feel like home. I was moving my stuff in when the RA told me the chair isn’t allowed in. Heartbreaking. Now, whenever I look at the Back to School…
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Job Search News and Tips 6/30/17

Welcome to our new series. Every Friday, we’ll share useful articles offering job hunting tips. Here’s What the Perfect Resume Looks Like Glassdoor “combed through some of our best resume advice and compiled it into one infographic to give you an easy-to-follow outline for a resume that will wow recruiters and hopefully, land you the job of your dreams.”…
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Lessons Learn from Searching for a Job

8 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Your Job Search

You think of job hunting as a way to get into your career. You rarely think of it as a path that prepares you for your career. For instance, I don’t like career fairs. Can’t stand them. I trip over my words. The idea of attending on fills me with dread. After attending a lot of…
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