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The Most In-Demand Jobs for 2018

Start Your Path Today. Check Out The 17 Most In-Demand Jobs for 2018

Are you trying to choose a career path? Are you thinking about a new career? The Metro Path searched the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Job Outlook Handbook to find you the fastest growing jobs. Here are 17 occupations expected to be in-demand in the next 10 years. Most of these are perfect for people with only a…
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Your 2017 Guide to The Best Gifts for Job Seekers

Fun gifts are great but practical ones are even better. One of the best and most useful gifts I’ve gotten is a portfolio. It was perfect for carrying my resume and application material to job interviews. I also received a nice bag- another item I only used for job interviews. Have a job seeker in…
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6 Tips on Overcoming Rejection to Continue Down The Path to Your Dream Career

No matter how many times it happens, getting rejected hurts. The good news is that the more rejections you receive, the better you are at bouncing back from them. The key is to bounce back. It’s fine to spend an evening or even a day feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t linger there. Here are some…
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Choosing your passion or a job

The Great Debate: Passion vs. Paycheck

I often see people struggling to accept a job that pays the bills because they want to pursue their passion. Artists go through this. The reality is art doesn’t pay the bills. At least not right away. As a writer, I often encounter people who think our life is like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. They…
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