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The Best Fonts for Your Resume [Infographic]

The Best Fonts for Your Resume [Infographic]

Professional Resume Writing

Your resume needs to be professional right down to the font style, color and size. You won’t get far in your career if people can’t read your resume. Although Times New Roman is the default font for professional documents, it’s not the top choice for career development experts. The top varies but Times New Roman falls somewhere in the middle.

“You want to make sure that a potential employer can easily read [your resume] regardless of if it’s printed out or on a computer screen. Speaking of computer screens, not everyone is on the same operating system which means a unique or quirky font on your screen might show up as code or nonsense on someone else’s.” (Best Resume Format Guide For 2017)

Resume Font Infographic

The font color should always be black. The size varies- no more than 12 point and even that may be too large. The size can be smaller but not so small that people can’t read it.


Microsoft usually sets the margins at an inch all around. For resumes, you can decrees that as needed. Don’t make the margins so small your text sits on the edge of the page. Print your resume to best judge your margins.

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