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The Great Debate: Passion vs. Paycheck

The Great Debate: Passion vs. Paycheck

Choosing your passion or a job

I often see people struggling to accept a job that pays the bills because they want to pursue their passion. Artists go through this. The reality is art doesn’t pay the bills. At least not right away. As a writer, I often encounter people who think our life is like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. They forget both authors struggled financially before they made it big. J.K. Rowling was poor.

Paycheck vs. Passion

So, what should you do? Be practical or follow your passion? Both? There’s no easy answer. Check out these articles as you make this tough decision.

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HuffPost: 10 Reasons You Should Have A Side Hustle

Fast Company: Why You Should Encourage Employees To Have A Side Hustle

What do you think? Be practical? Follow your passion? Both?


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