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What are the most important things to include in your resume?

What are the most important things to include in your resume?

What a resume should look like changes all the time. Some say it can’t be longer than a page. Others say it should be as long as you need it to be. In the past, people included objectives at the top. Now that space is reserved for the summary.

What are some things that should be on your resume?

LinkedIn Profile

If you have a LinkedIn profile, the link should be with your contact information. It makes it easier on the hiring manager. They’re going to look you up anyway. The link should be a customized one and not the default one LinkedIn gave you. It looks more professional.

Customizing Your Public Profile URL

Contact Information

I learned recently you don’t need your full address on your resume because the employer won’t be sending you mail. You should include the city and state to let the employer know you’re local. What’s important is your phone number and email address.


More than likely, the employer won’t read your entire resume. The summary gives them a snapshot. You have about 6 seconds to make an impression. Use the summary to tell a story about yourself. Create a catchy tagline. Mine is, “I help brands reach their target audience.”


Include any degrees, diplomas, or certificates. The section’s location depends on the job. If you think your education will help you get the job, put it right at the top. If not, put it at the bottom.


Don’t use paragraphs. Use bullet points to make the document easy to scan. As I mentioned before, the employer won’t be reading your resume from top to bottom.

Tailor this section to each position. Look at the job announcement. If customer service is at the top of the list of required skills, the first bullet for each job should show you have customer service experience. Be creative. If you’ve done any internships, put it here.

Never submit the same resume to different positions.

Action Words

Each bullet point under your Experience section should begin with an action word such as organized, managed, or developed. You’ll get more specific about your duties. Your resume will be more unique this way.

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Volunteer work is experience. Include it. This section can lengthen a short resume and paint you as a more well-rounded person.


This should be in bullet points. Be specific. Don’t just say typing, say you type 40 wpm. I use this section to highlight any technical skills such as software like MS Office. If the job description specifically asks for PowerPoint experience say MS PowerPoint instead of just Office. If you speak more than one language, that should go here.

You want your resume to be full of the words listed in the job posting. 

Awards and Licences 

If you won any awards related to the job you’re applying for, include them. The same goes for licences.

Remember, hiring managers get hundreds of resume’s a day. You want yours to stand out.

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