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What Does Your Dream Office Look Like?

What Does Your Dream Office Look Like?

What is your dream office space

We always think of our dream house or dream job. What about your ideal office space. Mine is a room full of books with a beautiful outside view.

Image Credit: Scholar’s Library in Olivebridge, New York

It used to be a space where I can work on a nice couch all day. It’s no longer the dream since that’s bad for my back. I’d still like a nice couch but I need a desk to go with it. Many companies are creating amazing office spaces so employees can feel more comfortable. Here are some beautiful work spaces:

Image Source: Office Snapshots-Admedo Offices – London

Those couches look amazingly comfortable

Image Source: Office Snapshots-Gentera Innovation Lab Offices – Mexico City

Love the colors.

Image Source: OfficeLovin’-Google

One of the reasons why Google is such a popular place to work. The offices are awesome.

Image Credit-LinkedIn Office Designed by AP+I Design

Didn’t even know a LinkedIn location had such an awesome office space.

What’s your dream office space?


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