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Your Guide on What to Eat Before an Interview

Your Guide on What to Eat Before an Interview

Your guide to what to eat before an interview

On the day of an interview, my stomach is not interested in food. But, you have to eat something. You don’t want your stomach grumbling while you’re trying to impress the hiring manager. You also don’t want to eat something that leaves you feeling sluggish and sick. The right meal can help you succeed. Here some articles outlining the best food to eat before an interview.

5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

 “Researchers have found coffee enhances short-term memory performance and helps improve attention capacity and problem-solving skills.

But don’t overdo it! Too much coffee will not only make you a jittery, nervous wreck, but you’ll have to use the bathroom more than a few times, considering caffeine is a diuretic.”

I like how the article digs deep what each food does to your body. It uses a lot of technical terms so it’s not light reading. The sections are short. Despite the jargon, it does make for pretty quick reading. I like how the article reminds you not to drink too much coffee. You want to be focused on answering interview questions, not how much you have to go to the bathroom.

Best Food To Eat Before A Job Interview To Make Sure You Nail It

This article gives you a great infographic on what to eat before an interview. It’s easy to understand and the design is nice.

What to Eat Before an Interview

“Eating yogurt and nuts can help reduce anxiety, according to a study by scientists in Slovakia”

Didn’t know certain food could make you less nervous.

Don’t Eat The Turkey! 11 Foods To Avoid Before An Interview

“Cereal And Milk: According to the National Sleep Foundation, the combination of carbohydrates, calcium, and tryptophan from this favorite morning meal is a recipe for dreamland.”

Never thought cereal could make you sleepy. The article list other food that might make you sluggish during your interview.

What do you usually eat before an interview? 



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