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YouTube Videos for New Job Seekers

YouTube Videos for New Job Seekers

“YouTube is becoming much more than an entertainment destination.” Chad Hurley

Whenever I want to learn something new, my first stop is YouTube. As the quote above says, YouTube is more than a place to get entertainment. It’s a search engine, a learning tool. Here are some videos to help in your job search.

TedxTalk: How I overcame the Millennial Job Hunting Barriers

This video shows how important networking is in your job hunt. For most people, networking can be an utterly terrifying experience. You have to push past your fear and just do it. Reward yourself with something fun afterwards.

Work It Daily: Your College Degree Doesn’t Matter to Employers

With degrees from well-known schools, I assumed getting my dream job would be easy. It wasn’t. Degrees are important for some positions but it’s all about how you sell yourself.

Snagajob: Job Search Advice Nobody Tells You

First off, the animation makes the video engaging. These jobs tips aren’t really a secret but the video still offers some great advice.


Career Builder: Can Your Social Media Presence Affect Your Job Search?

Most employers will Google you before they call you in for an interview. If your social media accounts are public, they will show up in the search results. Make sure the things you share paint you in a good light.


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